A huge help for the very small
Premature babies having trouble breathing; a very loaded and sensitive topic that comes with a lot of emotion. The neonatology network is committed to find clinical solutions to this condition. A possible treatment is the respiratory stimulant doxapram, which improves breathing by premature newborns. To test this medicine N3 is looking for parents who wish to sign up in order to do the necessary research.
Since the topic is so heavily loaded, a style development was made for this specific animation in order to on one side speak to the empathy of the viewer as well as depict the more clinical side of the story.
Style development
Early character design
- Credits -
Client: N3 (Neonatologie Netwerk Nederland)
Produced by: in60seconds
Directed by: in60seconds
Storyboard: Stan Joosten
Style development: Mirjam Verhoog, Stan Joosten
Illustration: Mirjam Verhoog, Stan Joosten
Animation: Stan Joosten
Music & Sound Design: Stan Joosten
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