Sit still like a frog is a platform that encourages people to continue with the positive changes they have introduced into their lives during the Covid-19 pandemic. On the site people can sign up and tell about the good habits they wish to maintain and get coupled with a creative, like me, who creates some kind of artwork for them as a reminder and a motivation to persist in the future.

I was coupled with Robin, a man who had lost his job during the pandemic - but in spite of this had developed a strong, and refreshing morning routine. He would wake up early, do some meditation and breathing exercises and to top it off do an ice bucket challenge! Every. Morning. I was amazed by his determination and made the following artwork after which I personally delivered it to him in his houseboat.
Some time later I brought the artwork to life and send it in as animated loop for an Instagram challenge contest.
Animated loop for @mondayschallenge
- Credits -
Client: / Monday Challenge
Created and directed by Stan Joosten
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